Our practice provides specialized care for older adults, those 50 and older, to maximize their function and keep them independent.


As we age, our body composition changes, our functions decline, and we respond differently to medications.

A fellowship-trained geriatrician has the expertise needed to address these issues as well as diseases that are more prevalent in the elderly.

The Geriatric Medical Center provides primary care geriatrics where our physicians can manage all your medical problems in the office setting, hospital, and skilled nursing facility. We also provide geriatric consultations where you keep your primary care physician, but you see our experts in geriatrics to optimize your care.



An internist provides preventative care and the management of acute and chronic medical diseases and disorders for patients aged 18 or older.



It focuses on the causes of a disease. Several factors can negatively affect our organ systems like environmental, lifestyle, genetics, and hormonal imbalances. These factors can start an inflammatory process which ends in a disease or disorder. The idea is to identify and manage these negative factors early and reverse the disease process.


We are providers for Medicare and most private insurances.
We are provider for Aspire Health Plan.